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If you have some apparel you want manufactured for dye sublimation process. Email us your details for a quote.

Provide the following information and answer questions below.
1. A sample photo
2. Do you have the complete clothing patterns?
3. Do you want us to make clothing patterns?
4.Do you have a finished design?
5. What quantity do you want made?

Email us these answered questions and sample photos to sales@ceosportswear.com

All we ask is you send a good clear digital photograph or scan of your current crestor logo at no less than 150 dpi,but if you can 300 dpi is better. Scanned or digital photography is usually in the format of .bmp, .jpg, .pdf, .gif file.


We need vector designs. Vector images are defined as a series of points and lines. Vector files types end in .ai, .eps, .cdr ect. If your designer or design studio is able to send you these files,please ask them to convert all text to outlines or curves before sending. This will avoid any problems with fonts but don’t worry if they don’t,because we have a large stock file of the fonts,there is a 99.9%chance,we will have yours.


We understand not everyone will have the file formats we work with,so send us what you have even if it’s a clipart,Microsoft word,tiff or even a weblink,we will have a try.





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