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Welcome to ceo Sports

Welcome to ceo sportswear.co.,ltd, (Credit Excellent OK)
We are your #1 choice for the sublimation sportswear.
We provide high quality custom designed sportswear for a variety of different clubs,schools & universities.  All the sportswear colors,logos,names,numbers,printing & sewing are completed by high standards. Sports jerseys are available in both adult & junior sizes,and fit for men & women,boys & girls.  Just e-mail us for a quote or details.
   Nothing is more important to us than knowing we are doing a good job, so please feel free to contact us as if you have any questions regarding to productions or service.


Note:What is dye sublimation?

We have the graphics printed onto the sublimation paper,then use the heat transfer machine to transfer the graphic from the paper onto the fabrics by high temperature.When transfer the images from the paper to the fabrics,the ink on the poster turns to gas when under extreme temperature.The ink gas penetrates the fabrics will not fade,peel or crack in the whole life of the jerseys.





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